Premier Services

Premier Services

Inside Moves

As the core of our business revolves around residential and corporate moves we welcome moves of any size.

We specialize in handling furniture. From time to time we have been called on to shuffle items around internally. This may be due to remodels or simply adapting to a growing family.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any internal moves you might be considering.


After the sale and the donations are behind you. You still would like to clear the house of unwanted goods. The last resort may be to dump it.

It is recommended to have a dumpster on site but if that is not an option Gopher Express will provide the manpower to haul it away for good.

Please be aware appropriate dump fees do apply based on time and volume.

Computer Services

Throughout the years Gopher Express has been successful in leading the industry by putting our values to work as well as diversifying ourselves from the competition. In addition to maintaining our core values, we have extended our services to incorporate Computer technicians to handle your computer network moves.

Recently, we have partnered with Page Integrity to service our clients with their computing needs. Data systems are mission critical to business small and large, when making an I.T. move it is vital to have your system back online ASAP.

Please do not hesitate to call with any concerns regarding your computer system relocation.

Space Planning

Regardless if you’re square footage is increasing or decreasing it is important to consider what will fit in the dedicated space you have chosen. Our staff has become well verse with room design and spatial relations. At times it takes a trained eye to envision how a room will accommodate your belongings.

As we have expanded our services to fit our client’s needs, we have partnered with an architectural consultant to serve our customers with the excellence that we have been best known for over the years.

Our accomplished consultant will discuss and provide visual concepts that will improve office mobility as well as floor space flow.

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