Packing and Crating

Packing and Crating

A successful move begins and ends with the proper preparation.  Packing for a move can be overwhelming. Some decide to take on the challenge themselves; this is why we offer a full line of professional supplies for you to be ready on moving day.

If you decide to leave it to the professionals, we offer our packing service to you. Packing and crating is one of our specialties. Why use Gopher Express for your packing needs?  Speed, knowledge, and experience just to list a few. Prior to moving day we come in with the proper supplies and organize everything to ensure a swift and cost efficient move.

Being well prepared will always ensure a pleasurable stress-free experience.

Please call with any questions or concerns regarding the proper packing procedure, we will be glad to assist you. Remember to call well in advance to arrange delivery of supplies.

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