Moving Estimate

Moving Estimate

The probable cost of services, or moving quote, will vary depending on the type of move, however we will be able to provide an accurate estimate prior to the move as long as the information provided to the estimator has been accurate as well.

We will work together with you to create an accurate estimate but we need to be on the same page.  Moving can be a confusing time.  Our estimator will work with you before moving day to determine exactly what needs to be moved and to then calculate an estimate based on this.

Can you add or remove items on moving day? Yes, as it will also reflect on the original Probable cost of services estimate. Advance notice would be helpful if any changes have occurred since the original estimate was provided. Communication is an essential part in meeting expectations. Please call to advise us if any unforeseen circumstances arise regarding your move. We are here to help!

So time, distance, an accurate list of items to be moved, organization and preparedness are the main factors contributing to price.

  • For local moves, we charge at an hourly rate.   The rate is calculated on the number of men and trucks needed to do the job.
  • Packing services can also be provided and we charge hourly for that as well.
  • Boxes and packing materials are charged on actual usage.

A written estimate will be given for each move.  This estimate is based on how long the estimator believes the actual job will take, along with the travel time from our garage.  Insurance issues and costs will also be discussed.

The estimator assumes that:

1) You have packed and organized all that you agreed to from the time of the estimate;

2) You have mentioned all items to be moved.  Try not to forget anything — that will affect the time and price of the move;

3) There will be sufficient space to park the truck(s) as close as possible to both locations; and

4) If applicable, an elevator will be available to handle large pieces of furniture

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