Any reputable mover/ relocation agent must have two things to make them legal.

  1. U.S.DOT numbers
  2. Liability insurance.

By law, movers are required to carry basic liability coverage. The policy is based on the weight of an item or the entire content of the cargo, regardless of the actual value of the item. The basic policy has a value of $0.30 per pound per item, again regardless of the actual value or how much it was purchased for. This policy much like any other insurance policy is subject to a deductible of $500.

It is not uncommon for homeowners or renters policies to cover you during the relocation process. Please contact your agent prior to moving day.

If you feel that the basic insurance policy is inadequate and you are not covered under a homeowner’s policy, Gopher Express will allow you to purchase additional coverage at a reasonable cost. You may choose to cover one item or the entire contents of your home.  This is a value based policy that allows you to comfortably place a figure on your possessions. For example, $5000.00 worth of coverage is priced at $25.00 or $50000.00 priced at $200.00. Please note that any policy being offered is subject to deductibles that will be paid by the insuree.